Hiking through picture-book Ötztal that is changing

and showing its most colorful side.

Autumn season in Ötztal is the perfect time for hiking in mild temperatures while marveling at countless facets of a season in which the Alpine world is completely changing. Autumn is also harvest time: Enjoy seasonal culinary treats directly from the regional farmers. Autumn is as well the season of customs and culture. Discover authentic Ötztal in all facets. Above all, autumn is a feel-at-ease time. Relax in front of the red, brown and yellow forest backdrop of the Ötztal Alps at unique AQUA DOME, while hiking through the magical autumn world or simply on your terrace, in the garden or on the balcony of your panorama apartment in Längenfeld - Ötztal.

Autumn is

enjoyment time

In autumn, chestnuts, wine and many other typical Tirolean products are in season. Have a good time and enjoy special tastes and culinary treats.

Celebrate autumn


Before the world can renew itself, it must take off its old dress. You too can become new during Ötztal’s autumn - put away what you are used to for a moment and start the winter in a refreshed and relaxed manner.

Unwind now


in Ötztal

Autumn is the perfect season for wonderful hikes and mountain bike tours. The high Alpine world shows its unique side while you conquer the peaks in pleasant temperatures.

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Every day. Between wellness and unlimited mountain life.

Welcome to the valley of variety. Welcome to Ötztal.